İnsan Hakları Akademisi

Human Rights of Vulnerable Groups Thematic Course is Starting



September 22, 2021 – November 06, 2021


Human Rights Academy is starting “Thematic Course on Human Rights of Vulnerable Groups” and adding another thematic course to its docket for September-November 2021 season. The course’s curriculum will include “Women, Children, LGBTİ+ and Minorities”. Expert lecturers from the field and academia will share their knowledge on the issue. The participants will use their earned skills from the course on forums. The course will start on September 22 and will end on November 6.

The issue of women’s rights will be discussed with Dr. Fehmiye Ceren Akçabay Karataş from Okan University. First session will focus on the women’s movement in Turkey and the World, second session will be on gender and struggle for rights and the third session will include a forum on the issue of “Being a Women in Turkey”.

The issue of children’s rights will be delivered by Att. Erinç Argün from UNHRC and Dr. Esra Ercan Bilgiç from Bilgi University. Att. Argün will discuss the international and national legal authorities governing the issue of children’s rights and refugee children. Dr. Bilgiç will present her lecture on children in digital age.

The third chapter of the course is LGBTI+ rights and this chapter will be delivered by Dr. Reyda Ergün from Kadir Has University’s Gender Studies Centre. The first session will be on the role of law in the foundation of gender and sexuality. The second session will be on sexual orientation and sexual identity from the viewpoint of human rights. The last session is saved for a forum on the struggle of rights in the field of sex and sexuality and social movements.

The fourth and last chapter of the course is on minority rights. This chapter will be delivered by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Olgun Akbulut from Kadir Has University. The first session will be on the definition of minority. It will be followed by a lecture on the rights of minorities. The last session is saved for a forum titled “Minorities in Turkey”.

In the last meeting of the course, after an evaluation of the course, the participants will be served their certificates.